How to Draw Cars & Other Machines!

Let's go guys and girls! I'm ready to teach you how to draw cars and other stuff... We've got cars, planes, trucks and motorcycles. Scroll down to have a look.

Each link that you click on will open a drawing step-by-step tutorial showing you the final drawing at the top of the page (that's what you will hoding in your hand by the time you get to the end).

You'll then scroll through individual images of each step. Some tutorials are longer than others but all have been made as simple as possible. All you need to get going is some paper and a pencil. A great little bonus is that once you've completed your drawing, you can color it using your favourite colors.

So, let's not waste any more time, and lets get stuck right into some drawing lessons and learn to draw some animals...

How to draw cars & other tutorials

draw cars

how to draw a car 01

car drawings

how to draw a car 02

how to draw sports cars

how to draw sports cars

how to draw cartoon cars

how to draw cartoon cars

how to draw a truck

how to draw a truck

how to draw a penguin

how to draw motorcycles

how to draw dinosaurs

how to draw choppers

how to draw a dolphin

how to draw boats

how to draw a ship

how to draw a ship

how to draw an aeroplane

how to draw a plane 01

how to draw a plane

how to draw a plane 02


We also have step-by-step lessons for drawing farm animals, lions, birds, Disney characters and much much more!

Remember, I'll be adding more and more drawing lessons to this site all the time so make sure you come back often to see what's new.  

I would also love for you to send us your results and I always love to hear how frineds are progressing along with your drawing abilities. Just like anything else, if you keep at it for long enough, you will achieve the results.

We are also on all the popular social media sites now so please take a moment to like, tweet, +, watch us, pin us or whatever else you want to do to spread the word. All the social stuff is below with a comments section for all the facebookers that want to have their say.

Be sure to check out the new video tutorials too! These have been generated in a digital format for a cleaner result. I did my best drawing these digitally even though I much prefer a simple pencil and paper so please forgive me for any bumpy lines you may see. Digital pens are much more sensitive (and slippery) than pencilsI hope you enjoy them.

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