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Whatever you'd like to learn how to draw, you've come to the right place! My name is Manny and I have recently become a father. I always loved drawingas a kid and found myself revisiting my childhood with more and more drawing as a fun activity with my son. This website is being built for fun and education for the whole family. Its still early days but there are so many lessons that are being created just for you.

Feel free to browse our step by step how-to-draw lessons and have a go at all of our drawings. There's plenty to keep you going for a while. Very soon I'll be set up to accept your feedback and requests on any drawing lessons you might like to see included - so get thinking and if there is anything in particular that you'd like to learn how to draw just let me know. I'll be doing my best to include all requests on this site.

The naming of this site is my-how-to-draw.com - my as in mine (for me the creator) and my as in yours (for you the visitor) - in other words, this site belongs to all of us. MY is also an abbreviation for me + you (MY). I want all the visitors to this site to become a part of it and join in the family fun.


More Cool Drawing Lessons

We often search the net for many drawing courses, the fact is that there are many that suit all different people so why not try your hand at something new from time to time... These online lessons are are real inexpensive way to improve your skills or to uncover hidden talents. The tabs below link to some of the coolest drawing lessons available online for those who want to take their drawing skills to the next level. Good luck and happy drawing!

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How to Draw Dogs

How to Draw Cats

How to Draw More Animals

How to Draw Disney Characters

How to Draw the Simpsons

How to Draw Superheroes

How to Draw More Cartoons

How to Draw More Characters

How to Draw Machines

How to Draw Mythical Creatures

How to Draw People

How to Draw Plants

How to Draw Scenes

How to Draw Flames

How to Draw More Cool Stuff